What is +Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a display of community through anonymous gift giving. It's about brightening someone's day whether they can afford something or not, or giving someone a Christmas whose situation otherwise wouldn't allow one. It's display of empathy through gift giving and is emblematic of our responsibility to each other's happiness. Secret Santa isn't about the gifts - it's about the act of compassion.

How it all started

Secret Santa was started From humble beginnings. A few people who got to know each other on Google+ decided to organize a gift exchange between themselves but as they considered all the people they should include they realized it might be bigger than they thought. And so the Secret Santa page was born.

+Secret Santa last 2011

Last year Secret Santa collected over 1,000 wishlists, sent over a thousand gifts, and was followed by more than 5,000 people - all on Google+. There were countless stories of someone who donated money to charity, was able to give their children toys, or the community rallying behind a good soul and getting them a gift it they would have never asked for but deserved.

How to participate

Tis the season for giving! Here is where the Google+ community comes together --to give and receive via Amazon Wishlists during the holidays. It's simple!

How to

Santa's Elves

Secret Santa and his elves will use the master list to share lists every day to make sure you have the best holiday season possible!

When you receive a gift, don't forget to post a picture with the hashtags #SantaGift and #GPlusSanta.

2012 elves:

+Secret Santa is managed and was created by +Carter Gibson.

Santa's Engineers

If you're a developer, we'd love your help with the site. You can see a list of requested features here: http://goo.gl/QozT8

Follow us on Github or report a bug.

2012 code contributors: